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 MiNE sees a problem: Medical images play an integral role in the diagnosis of many diseases and yet they are often exempt from big data-style research analytics! Why not 'mine' scans like MRIs or CTs for markers of pre-disease states? Why not store images and analyses for future investigations?

MiNE sees a solution: Create a platform to foster a rich and vibrant medical image research community of radiologists, scientists and clinicians. We provide the means to find untapped value in medical images representing both a broad range of normal and disease states. To do so, we leverage industry, research networks, and leading edge medical imaging technology.

“Medical imaging data, which are accumulating in clinics in ever larger amounts, seem to be an ideal target for the ‘big data’ approach. This information could potentially provide significant insights into health and disease. So far, however, big data — or perhaps more appropriately, the ‘big picture’ — has not had much impact on this information-rich environment.”
- From Perspective: the big picture, A. Moody, 2013. Nature | Outlook 502:7473.

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